Friday, April 22, 2011

So over

After stumbling upon the website "" I couldn't help but create my own lists of all those times I knew I was finished, even if the relationship took a bit longer to finally fizzle out.

I knew it was over when...

He was upset that I had other plans. To stay home. Alone. And take a bath. After doing everything together for far too long, that was just too much.

He wore the same shirt for three days straight.

I uttered the phrase "He's nice, he's just not smart enough for me."

He insulted my body to another man in the hopes that it would help "keep me safe from that guy's advances."

He thought "Beer Wars" was the best movie ever. Seriously. BEST MOVIE?!

He declined a picnic for "fear of bugs." (Real Man = Not-Afraid-Of-Ants.)

He said - "You don't need a guy like me, I'm crazy." And. Meant. It.

Your turn:

When did you KNOW he/she was not the one?

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