Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everything is copy

The dental assistant ventured into the waiting room.

"Chrissie?" she called from across the way, "Chrissie?"

"Right here" I replied as I walked up, following her into the examination room.

It seemed she wanted to make conversation for our 11-step journey and I figured it couldn't hurt anymore than the impending dental work.

"Did I have that right? You go by 'Chrissie'?"

"Yes, always have, never Christina."

"Ah, okay. When I read the name, I was expecting to see a child."

"Nope, umm... just me. It's my name."

"Yeah, obviously, you're not a child... so I was just confused at first."

"No problem, it's my name."

"Okay good, because, when I said it I didn't want to offend you or anything."

Sure lady. No offense taken. I'm not offended that you think my name is an insult, at all.

After all, I'm obviously a grown up. I can take it.

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