The Odd Blog originated in 2007, launching as "The Odd Couple" when two 20-something bloggers at the Poughkeepsie Journal began writing about life, love and relationships.

The original contributors were Sarah and Chrissie.  Sarah - Taken and Chrissie - Single.  Check out the archives where they dueled about everything from when to get married to how to exit a relationship gracefully.

Eventually (as it proves to be part of Odd Blog history) Sarah found herself engaged and began blogging for the Poughkeepsie Journal's The Vow Factor, leaving behind the Odd Couple where a new contributing writer began adding her input on similar topics.

For some time, this new writer, Sten, and Chrissie wrote together, as Chrissie took over the role of taken and Sten filled in with her single point of view.

But as the blog worked its magic, Sten suddenly found herself happily in a relationship and soon after the blog became not that of a two writers but instead peppered with stories and anecdotes courtesy of Chrissie as the sole contributing writer.

In spite of her recent marriage and finding the one, following in Sarah's footsteps while contributing also to The Vow Factor,  The Odd Blog still inspires her single and loving it side where she now plays both roles, finding that happiness can be attained both in and out of a relationship.